Rod Chaffee
Rodney Chaffee is responsible for the sales of all FARO products throughout the Asia Pacific Region, including FARO’s direct and indirect sales channels. Mr. Chaffee has more than 15 years of experience selling technical products and leading sales teams in a business-to-business sales environment. He has enjoyed increasingly challenging roles at FARO Technologies over the past ten years. These experiences include directly selling FARO products to customers in the US, leading regional sales teams in the US and China, and leading FARO’s China sales. Prior to joining FARO, Mr. Chaffee was a Sales Engineer and District Manager for Therm-O-Disc, Inc., a division of Emerson Electric.

In the past decade, the world has seen remarkable change in 3D laser scanning technologies. Started from small industrial application, 3D terrestrial laser scanner now has emerged as the most sought-after technology for precise measurement in fields as diverse as architecture, BIM, forensics, heritage, surveying and mining. With ability to scan almost any terrestrial objects regardless of size and location, it is anticipated that many more creative development will be explored, expanding its horizon. 3D terrestrial laser scanner (3D TLS) uses advanced technology to produce extremely detailed three-dimensional point cloud datasets of complex environments and geometries. The high definition point cloud data can be quickly captured in the field and allowing users to extract data back in the office that would have otherwise required much longer time when using conventional surveying instruments. The possibilities with 3D laser scanning technologies are now attracting experts from various fields to partake in activities around 3D documentation and develop more innovative solutions and applications, adding new dimensions to the existing domain. The presentation will give an insights on 3D TLS technology how it can be applied in different domains of 3D Documentation application.
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