Shamim Ahmad Ameer Ali Khan
Shamim joined Geomatics Department of Telekom Malaysia in 1998, assigned as system Analyst to develop application for TM network planning system. Year 2001 to 2006, assigned to develop TM commercial Geomatics product Automatic Vehicle location and TM Geographical Information System. Year 2006 to 2009, promoted to Manager, responsible to manage and improve Geomatics Department IT Infrastructure. 2009 Ė now, assigned to manage Geomatics Map Content development and map updates activities.

TM Web Mapping Service Ė New Solution for Malaysia Map
TM has its own digital map to do its internal network planning since 1992. In 2012, TM has started to use its digital map to do effective and targeted marketing campaigns. TM overlays other useful data on top of digital map, for instance TMís existing customersí data and its network infrastructure data. Data sourcing for digital map and others useful data remains a huge challenge for TM in updating its map contents. TM has invested in hardware, software and its people to ensure TMís data content get the latest update. TM also purchases from other content providers to update TMís map and also does a smart partnership with other content providers.Besides TMís uncompromised effort for updated and comprehensive map data, TM uses multiple quality control and quality assurance methodologies to ensure accuracy of its content. However, the data delivery to customers must be quick, easy and secure enough to make sure customers able to have access to updated map data. Data delivery must take into account data security to protect TM right of the data.To make sure both party interest is protected and well serve, TM has develop an application for Web Mapping Service (WMS) using TM data. This service able to serve customers with WMS Protocol for various GIS Software (ArcGIS, MapInfo).Seeing the values of TMís contents comprehensiveness and updateness, TM has offered its services to businesses and government sectors, to be used in their planning and operation so they can produce informed and better decision for their business.
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