Mohd Zainuddin bin Jumaat
Mohd Zainuddin is an experienced registrar of Selangor Appeal Board, course instructors for local authority staff and councillors member in PLAS, managing the development plans division and directly involved with GIS. He is a Master holder in Environment from UPM and also hold Diploma and Bachelor Drgree of TRP from UTM. He had served numerous government agencies in various capacity.

Leveraging Selangor's Land Use Planning Through Optimization of Its Web Enabled Spatial Information System SISMAPS
Located in the Klang Valley which is part of the Kuala Lumpur conurbation identified in the Malaysia National Physical Plan as the main growth engine of the Nation's economy, Selangor is among the fast growing states in Malaysia. While comprising major cities with high urbanisation rate due to the strategic economic setting, state-wide land use planning and coordination has remain a substantial challenge to the responsible authority. Realizing the need to be well informed of the rapid land use changes, the Selangor Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) had advanced on the development of the web enabled Selangor's Planning Information System (SISMAPS) as a tool used to assist in the planning process so that it is aligned according to the guidelines and to comply with land use proposals set out in the Selangor State Structure Plans (SSSP) and Local Plans (LP) can be shared Local Authority and related agencies involved. SISMAPS can be access directly through web site SISMAPS can be thought of as a system that provides spatial data entry, management, retrieval and visualization functions. SISMAPS implementation which involves the participation of all 12 local authorities is significantly to facilitate the planning approval process, and to syncronize between the current land use and gazetted plans. SISMAPS is developed to monitor and coordinate the land use planning and development in Selangor. The idea of developing this SISMAPS triggered awareness of the importance to improving the quality of service delivery through information and communication technology, so that each planning can be visualized directly especially by public and stakeholders.This paper discusses the concept and design of sismaps to facilitate the implementation of land use proposals through SISMAPS website inline with department's vision 'MAKLUMAT PERANCANGAN KE RUMAH ANDA'. (PLANNING INFORMATION TO YOUR HOME)
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