Norsheilla Mohd Johan Chuah
Norsheilla Mohd Johan Chuah (born October 19, 1986) holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Remote Sensing (2009)and Master of Science (M.Sc) in Remote Sensing (2013), both from the UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia, Johor. She currently engaged in scientific research as Research Officer attached to ITTO REDDES project title "Reducing forest degradation and emissions through sustainable deforestation forest management (SFM) in Peninsular Malaysia".

Identifying Drivers of Deforestation in Peninsular Malaysia by Using Satellite Imagery
Human activities are recognized as key drivers for deforestation. Increasing human population and the need for development of economy is often associated to various disturbances which have led to deforestation. Identifying drivers is crucial to manoeuvre future development with environmentally sustained and to support decision making for creating land use policies and in a way to combat climate change and in-line with currently adapted reducing emission from deforestation and degradation, and forest conservation (REDD+). Moreover, defining deforestation drivers is pre-requisite for the development of reference level (RL) and reference emission level (REL) in REDD+ carbon accounting. In this study, Landsat-TM and SPOT-5 satellite images between years 1990 and 2010, with 5 years interval were used to define the drivers of deforestation. Pahang the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, which has the largest forest cover, was selected as the study area. The drivers were determined based on permanent changes of land use occurred within the periods. Preliminary results show that agricultural expansion was the main drivers for the deforestation in Pahang. The study is scheduled to begin the regular field survey operations to support the project entitles "Reducing forest degradation and emissions through sustainable deforestation forest management (SFM) in Peninsular Malaysia" under FRIM-ITTO REDDES program before the end of year 2016.
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