Noordin Ahmad
Graduated from University of Newcastle, UK and a PHD Holder in Satellite positioning. He has been involved in Geospatial works for the past 25 years particularly in GIS and GNSS. His involvement are in consulting and education where currently he is also an adjunct Professor at the Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is also active at the international level where he represents the country to several meetings at United Nation, EU and Asean level for Geospatial and Space matters.

Data and Space Programs
In the space millennium, the declaration at the Third United Nations Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in 1999 recognized the importance of space applications for improving the daily lives of people worldwide through environmental monitoring, natural resource management, mitigation of potential disasters, climate modelling, satellite navigation and communications. Space science and technology make a major contribution to the well-being of humanity.
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